Friday, May 8, 2009

Star trek cookies!

To celebrate the release of the Star Trek movie today, I
made star trek cookies!
These little bits of goodness were almost too cute to eat. But they tase as good as they look so it's ok. I was originally going to make them for a potluck at work we were having today, but I got my schedule changed at the last minute so, more for us! I think I was almost more excited about the cookies than I was about the movie.
Making sugar cookies is hard, now I realized why we hardly ever made them when I was growing up. I actually atayed up till about 2:45 making them, cause I was too excited to sleep lol
I used my grandmas recipe and, since there is no such thing as a star trek cookie cutter, I just printed out the insignia, cut it out and used it as a guide, cutting the dough around it with a paring knife. Surprisingly, it held up through almost 4 dozen cookies. It did get pretty soggy, but worked great for just a piece of computer paper. I did see this tutorial about making your own cookie cutter, but that's more work than I ever want to do...
Anyway, enjoy, hope I inspire someone to use their imagination to make special "outside the box" cookies for a special occasion!


  1. Star Trek cookies! Wow! How did they taste?

  2. like sugar cookies with icing...out of this galaxy!