Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lovely Saturday

Today has been one of those rare, blissful Saturdays. Sleeping in, Starbucks breakfast, first day of the farmer's market, walking around downtown and getting our special cinnamon hot chocolate. The day will end with a family St. Patrick's Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage and a birthday celebration for my sister, though her birthday is actually Tuesday.
Being from Chicago, St. Patrick's Day has always been a big deal, even though we aren't catholic. I think I just liked the huge parade, dying the Chicago River green, drinking green river pop and eating corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes and plenty of mustard! But out here in the pacific northwest, where there aren't as many people of Irish descent, it's not such a big deal. It's just another day to everyone.  Today, as I was looking for spots of green on people (and not seeing a lot!) I was trying to contemplate why I even acknowledge this holiday. I am not catholic, only partly Irish (altogether, I think I'm half) and I don't drink so the idea of drinking "green beer"is just repulsive. I suppose it's the idea of festivities that I enjoy. It's just one of those extra holidays to break up the mid-winter blues, have a special meal, and wear green. I like the idea of everyone wearing something in the same color on the same day. It's something small that, for a day, unites a random group of people. It's not about making a political statement, or a religious stance, or awareness for some disease; it's just a festive day that people can celebrate. Yes, it is considered a religious holiday, but it's still a fun day of spontaneous celebration! And, the idea of everyone having to wear green is pretty awesome to me, cause green is the best color, so everyone should wear it every day anyway. So, those are my thoughts on this holiday.
 Of course, there wasn't a vast array of vegetables at the market, but I was able to score my favorite salad mix! I put together a little video showing my haul and how I wash and store my vegetables. Have a gander!

ps-this video doesn't show it very well, but my sweater is actually kelley green, not hunter. just wanted to clarify!
pps-first video on the ipad! lol

Friday, March 16, 2012

Kitchen Introduction

Are you new to the world of cooking? If so, you may want to check out my latest video, a look at some essential kitchen tools you need to start cooking like a grown-up! I also give my own personal "3 cooking rules" Hope this helps you figure out some things you will need and don't need in your kitchen! of course, if you're an accomplished cook, you most likely know all about what I go over.
This was my first experience editing a video!
ps- I hate the thumbnail option youtube gave me!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Adventures

Lots of new changes going on around here...

1. I am coming back to blogging!
2. I am not going to interior design school. Long story short, I don't want that career anymore. I  have different goals now and I'm happy
3. While I am back to blogging, I will mostly  be "vlogging"! I'll post my videos here and on my youtube channel. follow me!
4. I'm doing something I've wanted to do for a while- make videos of things I do like I'm teaching you how to do them too! Like my own variety show. woot! It shall be a fun adventure. 

It's nice to know the world still revolves even when we drop out of it for a while. It teaches us that we can go on from anything. That we can pick up where we left off and not have to feel like a failure. 
Thanks for reading!