Monday, May 4, 2009

invitation inspiration

I just recieved my friend Janel's wedding invitation , and was so delighted by the pattern. It's damask! I just love damask, to me it's so timeless and classic. It feels like a little piece of luxury, like a princess would have her rooms decorated with damask. If I could, I'd surround myself with damask patterns. Well, that would be a little overkill, and I'd get tired of it really fast.
Currently the only thing I have with the pattern is a pink and brown portfolio that hides in a drawer, and the invitation, which graces my bulletin board. I think I really need to go shopping and find a lamp shade or something that will to fill my life with luxury. I am about to attack my living room anyway, why not have a piece or two?
Congratulations Ryan and Janel! I can't wait for the wedding, which I will be a bridesmaid in and wear a beautiful dress :)
Well, I'm off to work now, but here's some more damask to feast your eyes on:
The pattern on the left is actually a rug!

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