Friday, May 18, 2012

my herb garden

i wanted to share with you my little herb garden. now, all my life i have been a brown thumb. potted plants last maybe a week with me. but, i decided i really wanted to have my own herb garden and i really pushed myself to make it happen. i read all kinds of articles and watched youtube videos on the subject. now, i have a tiny apartment with a balcony that gets a sliver of sunlight, so i wasn't sure it would work out.
i started with a set of lavender seeds in a pot i got marked wayy down. that way, i figured if they die, it's not like i spent all my savings on it. when the seeds sprouted, i did a little dance all around my apartment, then went on to oregano and parsley seeds. the parsley went really well, the lavender started ok then died, and the oregano sprouted but didn't get as high as the parsley so i chucked it. 
i  ended up buying rosemary, oregano, thyme, peppermint and sage plantings at trader joe's. i planted them in old tea tins. i threw a few rocks in the bottom, filled it with soil and coffee grounds for fertilizer, planted and prayed. well, they are thriving! i've picked and dried little cuttings of all of them and have been using them all spring. i don't get a huge amount, but what i get is perfect for 2 people to eat fresh and have enough to dry for later.

  i also put some garlic cloves in an old bowl and now have garlic chives!

it is such a satisfying feeling to go onto your deck, pick some oregano and throw it in your salad. it tastes so good because you grew it!  i never knew i could know this satisfaction. i never thought i would be a plant person, but here i am. i have a garden!

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