Thursday, January 21, 2010


My shelving units are finally put together! I was freaking out on Monday
because we got a notice for our annual inspection, and the whole apartment looked like this :

So, we got to work, and after a couple hours and some sweat (no blood, almost tears) the dining room looked like this:

And the living room looked like this..... (sorry, this picture is a lil blurry....)

Which I will be doing something about today.

I'm utterly delighted! It looks so great, every time I walk in there I get so excited I squeak with joy. Ok not really (out loud), but I am very happy with it. It's not fully completed, I don't have everything arranged just the way I want it yet. I also discovered that we don't have enough stuff to fill every shelf, which made my husband happy because it gives him an excuse to but more books. Men... I'm happy to have finally done! Now on to the living room- putting the coffee table together, dismantling the desk, getting rid of the mis-matched brown shelf, decluttering some more.
ps- the tears were because my husband was a little hammer happy trying to get the pegs in, and he banged it a little in a couple places. Luckily they aren't visible. I finally got the idea to put a blanked over the area to be hammered, and that kept everything pretty safe. So if you are ever putting together stubborn ikea furniture, keep the blanket trick in mind!

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