Monday, January 4, 2010

Life is Good

My Christmas was wonderful. I got to see my family that lives in Chicago. We had a wonderful "first" Christmas. Then Ez and I had our own little Christmas time, then we were lucky enough to get off work and spend Christmas with my husband's family. We got to see "A Christmas Carol" which was super fun. I got everything I wanted, and got money to get get my "wish-list" things (flat iron! black skirt!)

My birthday is the 29th, and anyone whose birthday is close to Christmas knows what that's like...;) I wanted to go out to lunch at IKEA for my birthday (don't judge me, I know what I want!) But Ez had to work all day that day, so we wer
e going to go the day after but ended up going the day before. We had been wanting some new furniture, a bookshelf and coffee table, and got a gift card (yay!) But when we bot there, Ez decided we should just go ahead and make our whole dining room wall a wall of books. I love my husband. So we decided to put all of our Christmas money together, and we are so excited about rearranging our apartment! I'm totally thrilled!!!

Then, on my actual birthday, we planned to go out for Thai when Ez got home, but it snowed! And when it snows here, people freak out and forget how to live. So my poor husband had to walk home and didn't get home till 9!! So, no birthday dinner....I'm not gonna lie, I was a little upset.... But he took me back to Ikea the next day for breakfast and to get the rest of our furniture, and then out for my birthday date that night. AND he got me a new camera!!! I love my husband so much, he always makes me feel so special and loved :)

Hope your holidays were wonderful and your new year is everything you want and more!!

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