Thursday, January 14, 2010

bathroom window makeover, and a lampshade

Today I went crafty crazy in the bedroom/bathroom.

I have been wanting to do a candlescape in the bathroom for a while, and I finally found some brown candles I like (2$ at tjmaxx!). Everything else I had on hand, glass tray, beads, other candle and soap dish (yes, it can be used for candles!).

I then decided the window needed something, and remembered a skirt I had that was a little small on me. It had brown embroidery along the botton (my bathroon is brown & cream) so I cut it up and made it into a curtain! I had a curtain rod leftover from my college dorm I just knew I would use someday, guess I was right! The skirt was white linen, so I brewed some strong tea and stained it to make it “creamier”. It’s a little crooked up there, but by the time it was done I didn’t care.
I still can't get over the fact that my skirt is now a curtain....ha!

On to the bedroom!

We also got a new comforter cover at IKEA. The one we had was a queen size that didn't fit our IKEA full/queen comforter (can you tell we love IKEA? We do) and it drove me crazy because it was so big and annoying....gah! I was getting a little bored with it anyway. The comforter we picked is a totally different direction form where I was going. I originally wanted the bedroom in light dreamy blues and greens that evoked a serene spa, but settled on a black&white pattern, which goes better with the painting over the bad. I decided I want to incorporate green accents into the mix. I have recently become slightly obsessed with the color of the tazo the green ginger tea bag. I LOVE that color, I want my life to be that color! So I first decided to change the lampshade. I was going to but a new one, but then I remembered I had some silky fabric in the exact color!! How perfect, right?! And soo much cheaper!

I got my glue gun and glued it down, then bagan making random pleats along the shade.

Because it’s sheer, the pattern shows through. Now I have a little bit of that color in my room! My next quest will be to find some pillowcases in that same color.
Total cost for both of these makeovers? two dollars! Just for the candles! I love using what I already have on hand to revamp something!

New bedspread!

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