Thursday, April 5, 2012

back from vacation. and doing nothing is good for you

we just got back from a relaxing coastal vacation. unless you've been to the oregon coast, you really don't understand how it is. it's not your typical beach vacation. but it's just perfect for getting away from it all and taking in quiet reflection. i made a video about coming back and my reasons for needing (needing!) the vacation.

while i was there, i was contemplating what the most relaxing thing a person can do is. i decided that whatever, it is, i want to do it on every vacation to get the most relaxation value for my time. i suppose the answer is different for every person. for me, it's a relaxing bath. so that's exactly what i did when we got home! worked like a charm. in this current time and american society, completely relaxing is difficult for us. i know when i try to relax by reading on the couch i
  1. feel guilty for not doing some sort of housework. there is a glass in the sink that needs to be washed! 
  2. grab my phone and check facebook. for what? am i expecting important news? no, just cause.
  3. get up and do something else. something that requires using my hands. my attention span is so short,  i can't even sit and relax by doing nothing. 
 here is a link to the article i'm talking about

i know i am totally overstimulated, and i'm trying to work on that because i know that's part of my issue. i just need to let go and surrender! why is it so hard?!
so, what makes you relax?

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