Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sewing Machine!

I now have a sewing machine, thanks to my mother in law!!! Yay!!!

This was my first project. It was something my grandma was gonna make for me as a bridal shower gift, but never got around to it so she gave it to me to make. It's a little longer/frillier/strawberrier than I would like, but it's cute and happy and just right for baking! I call it my strawberries and cream apron!

And here is something I just did. (I know this is a horrible picture) I made it out of 2 tank tops i didn't really like, and now it's a funky blouse I love! The darker purple was covered in ruffles and had a tie back, which made it look like a maternity top. But my favorite part is the shoulder embellishment. I'm really proud of it!

closer look.

Can you tell I have fashion on the brain?

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