Tuesday, October 26, 2010

skipping the guilt trip and moving on to new things!

I know I haven't posted in  months. I know. I'm not going to apologize, I know I'm a bad blogger. Enough said.
Whew! That's out of the way! A LOT has happened in these 5 months. **long blog post ahead**
We had an eventful summer....
 My husband and I took an intensive Arabic class together. I was pretty intense, I must say, but wonderful. It literally took up every single weekday. Speaking Arabic is one of my goals in life, so it was totally worth it! We visited family, my 2 younger sisters spent the summer with us. We went on an anniversary trip. I went to Alaska for the first time to visit my husbands grandparents. Alaska is Ez's home state, and it is just beautiful.
On to fall...My husbands wonderful grandfather passed away on October 10th. He was a wonderful man i was blessed to know. I'm so thankful for what he passed on to my husband and honored to be in his family.
Then in the same week my mothers cousin passed away.
A week after that my whole family celebrated my grandparents 50th anniversary with a huge party.
Life goes on so fast. Life is so beautiful. That's all I can say about it. It's full of pain, happiness, sadness, melancholy, joy, every emotion you can experience and every experience makes you into a person of character.

in my own life, i have made a huge decision. For the past few years I have been interested in interior design. Whenever anyone would ask me what I wanted to do I would tell them I "might" go to school for interior design. It was mostly something to say to make myself feel better about not being in school or having a "career" but one day I thought, " why don't I stop saying it and do it? So, I decided to do it! Rather than take out icky student loans I decided I wanted to raise all the money for it. And for that I move on the the next new thing.......
I opened an etsy shop! 

Yes maam, I am now the owner of an etsy shop, recycled red!! I am so excited about it! It's been open for about a month now, I haven't had any sales yet, but I do have a facebook page with quite a few fans, some shot favoriters, and an item of mine was featured in someones treasury! 
So please visit my shop, and help me spread the word!
Everything in my shop is made from recycled materials. Old clothes, or fabric purchased at thrift stores, broken vintage jewelry, ribbon bits, and other odds n ends. 

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  1. Congrats on the shop!! I just opened mine as well after sitting on my account for a year.

    I'm following from the forum and i'd love it if you follow back